2013 Manager of the Year Ballots

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Voter Lg 1st 2nd 3rd
Andy McCullough AL Francona Girardi Farrell
Asuka Iinuma Brown AL Melvin Maddon Showalter
Bill Evans NL Hurdle Gonzalez Matheny
Bill Madden AL Farrell Francona Girardi
Bob Nightengale NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Brian Golden AL Francona Maddon Farrell
Brian MacPherson AL Farrell Francona Girardi
Brian McNally NL Hurdle Matheny Mattingly
Christina Kahrl AL Francona Melvin Maddon
Craig Davis NL Hurdle Gonzalez Matheny
Dan Bickley NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Dan Martin NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Daniel Brown AL Francona Farrell Melvin
Dejan Kovacevic NL Hurdle Gonzalez Mattingly
Dennis Deitch NL Mattingly Hurdle Gonzalez
Geoff Baker AL Francona Farrell Melvin
George King AL Farrell Leyland Melvin
Hideki Okuda NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Hirokazu Higuchi NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
James Schmehl AL Farrell Melvin Francona
Jared Diamond NL Hurdle Matheny Gonzalez
Jay Paris NL Hurdle Mattingly Matheny
Jill Painter Lopez AL Francona Farrell Maddon
Jim Henneman AL Farrell Francona Melvin
Joe Ostermeier NL Hurdle Mattingly Matheny
Joe Smith AL Farrell Francona Melvin
John Erardi NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
John Fay NL Hurdle Mattingly Matheny
John Harper NL Hurdle Matheny Mattingly
Jorge Ebro NL Gonzalez Hurdle Mattingly
Jose de Jesus Ortiz AL Francona Farrell Maddon
Katsushi Nagao NL Mattingly Hurdle Gonzalez
Kevin Kernan NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Martin Fennelly AL Farrell Francona Melvin
Matthew B. Mowery AL Francona Farrell Girardi
Meghan Montemurro AL Farrell Melvin Francona
Michael Sanserino NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Mike Rutsey AL Francona Farrell Girardi
Monte Poole NL Gonzalez Hurdle Mattingly
Pat Reusse AL Francona Melvin Farrell
Pat Stoetzer AL Farrell Francona Melvin
Paul White NL Gonzalez Hurdle Matheny
Rustin Dodd AL Francona Farrell Melvin
Scott Ostler AL Melvin Francona Farrell
Sean McAdam AL Farrell Francona Girardi
Sheldon Ocker AL Francona Girardi Farrell
Terry Pluto AL Francona Farrell Yost
Tim Cowlishaw AL Francona Melvin Farrell
Tim Kawakami NL Hurdle Mattingly Matheny
Tod E. Palmer AL Farrell Francona Melvin
Todd Rosiak NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Todd Wills AL Farrell Francona Washington
Tom Haudricourt NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Tom Krasovic NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Tom Maloney AL Francona Farrell Melvin
Tom Powers AL Francona Farrell Melvin
Tom Timmermann NL Hurdle Gonzalez Mattingly
Toni Ginnetti NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez
Tracy Ringolsby NL Hurdle Matheny Mattingly
Troy Renck NL Hurdle Mattingly Gonzalez